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Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 09:44 pm (no subject)
much less than three

In the cool Autumn mist I walked through the park,
through the long winding paths with trees lining the way.
The sky was not light yet nor was it dark,
and in this twilighted mood my thoughts went astray.

I thought of the nature of things- things catching my attention,
such as the clouds being formed in the late-day sky.
I tried to examine with my best comprehension,
the reason that the redwoods try to grow so very high.

I pondered the reason metal rusts the way that it does,
and why flowers only bloom in the warm days of spring.
What makes grass grow? What makes bees buzz?
Why are spirals present in almost every thing?

And it hit me so hard I had almost missed it,
There is a reason things do what they do after all-
every last thing- all things existant,
even why time goes forward and why gravity makes things fall.

It's in the search for balance that they do what they do,
In their math and chemistry through and through.
It is what all things in the universe ultimately pursue;
Atoms, galaxies, plants. Even me and you.

I recalled the embraces we shared in discreet.
Our chemicals in harmony, knowing what we had gained.
Two halves becoming one; becoming complete.
Something the stars in heaven took ten million years to obtain.

I remembered the note you had written down.
I reached in my pocket and pulled it out to read.
"I'm going to miss you when you're not around.
Thank you for everything. Much <3"
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